Audra Plageman, Managing Director FON

Audra Plageman



Audra Plageman is Managing Director of Family Office Networks, an organization that provides information, opportunities, and investment resources to substantial families, individuals and the top advisors who serve them.  In addition, Audra manages the Newport Beach Family Office Association and is Chairman of the Board of Directors for the Family Office Networks Women’s Investment Club.

During her career, Audra has spearheaded several successful entrepreneurial ventures by demonstrating her ability to manage complex projects, from initial conception to successful implementation.  She has initiated and completed transactions in both national and international markets. Her background and experience include mergers and acquisitions, build-up acquisitions, and joint equity ventures with corporate partners across a wide range of industries and sectors. 

In 2007, dedicated and passionate to accelerating growth in the renewable energy sector, Audra became an active consultant in the renewable energy industry.  She has established and maintained long-standing strategic partnerships with companies that finance and develop commercial and utility-scale renewable energy projects around the world.  She has initiated the trading of renewable energy credits (REC’s), in the PJM, WREGIS, and MISO wholesale markets, including OTC Spot Market brokerage services for clients looking to secure verified emission reductions (VER’s) in the global OTC markets.

Audra’s previous professional history includes being a top-producing account executive in the financial services industry as well as being a successful business owner from the age of seventeen.  Audra is also an active volunteer in her community to grass-roots, non-profit organizations with a focus on environment and women and children’s welfare.

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