FON Magazine

The premiere edition of FON Magazine launches in 2019 and luxury brands are invited to inquire about becoming part of the unique opportunity to reach Family Office Networks’ database with curated content designed to put their story top of mind with influential family decision makers.

FON Luxury

Family Office Networks provides substantial families with curated content on must-have products and experiences in areas such as: Art + Design, Cars, Wine + Spirits, Aviation, Yachting + Boating, Watches +, Jewelry, Travel, Finance + Investing, and more. FON Magazine launches in 2019 & luxury brands are invited to inquire about advertising.

FON Alts

Family Office Networks’ Alts Platform is an innovative online platform that connects family offices with leading alternative investment managers, many of whom offer exclusive access to members of our network. The database includes high-level “one-off” transactions across non-correlated asset classes.

FON Search

FON Search, an affiliate of The Quest Organization, is dedicated to identifying and recruiting top tier talent for family offices. The team at FON Search has over 30 years of success developing partnerships and relationships with family offices. The team has become the trusted advisors to some of the top Family Offices nationwide.

FON Philanthropy

Substantial families give billions of dollars every year to philanthropic causes and continually seek new ways to identify opportunities that align with the family vision. Family Office Networks’ Philanthropy Division helps our network of families share philanthropic ideas, research charitable organizations and gain access to educational resources.


FON TV is where we catch you up to date on the latest happenings of our entire portfolio of products.